Battery Pack

Anker 10000 battery pack. Backpacking battery pack. Backcountry Electronics

Anker PowerCore 10,000

Possibly the best mAh to weight ratio among portable battery packs. Provides enough power to charge your backpacking electronics. It can charge my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and my Delorme InReach in between resupplies.

6.9 ounces (including charging cord, USB to micro-USB)

Here’s where you can buy this battery pack:

Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Smallest and Lightest 10000mAh External Batteries

GPS/SOS Electronics

Delorme Inreach Explorer. Garmin Inreach Explorer+. GPS SOS device. Backcountry electronics

Garmin InReach Explorer+

I actually use the previous version of the InReach before they were bought by Garmin. The newer version (pictured above) integrates maps into the device itself, which is much easier. A necessary piece of electronics in the backcountry for peace of mind, communication, weather reports, and navigation. The InReach packs a punch well worth its weight, but it’s definitely expensive to both initially purchase and then pay for the monthly subscription charges.

6.8 ounces.

Here’s where you can buy the InReach Explorer+:

Garmin Inreach Explorer+

Here’s the model I currently use:

DeLorme InReach Explorer Two Way Satellite Communicator


Samsung Galaxy S7. Backcountry Electronics. Backcountry GPS phone

Samsung Galaxy S7

The S7 has great battery life on airplane mode, is water resistant, and is an endless source of information. I’ll mainly be using Guthook’s PCT and Hikerbot apps to stay informed on the trail. I’ll also be using Earthmate, which pairs with the InReach to more easily send out messages and navigate.

6.3 ounces.

Here’s where you can buy this phone:

Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB

Power Cube Wall Charger

Backcountry electronics. Power cube. Charging electronics on the Pacific Crest Trail.

RAVPower Power Cube

This cube has two ports, one of which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 for my Samsung S7 phone. These chargers are important gear for speeding up charging times during resupply stops in town.

3.4 ounces.

Here’s where you can buy this charger:

RAVPower Quick Charge 2.0 30W


Black Diamond Storm

Super bright, but admittedly outdated and heavier gear than what I could have.

3.4 ounces.

Here’s where you can buy this headlamp:

Black Diamond Storm Head Lamp

Here’s the current version of this headlamp:

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp


GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Using for camera/video along the way. Essential experience-recording gear. It’ll stay in a waterproof/shockproof case. There’s newer versions of this GoPro out.

6.46 ounces (including charging cable).

Here’s where you can buy this GoPro:

GoPro HERO4 Silver