Water Filtration and Storage

Water Filtration

Sawyer Squeeze

I’ll bring one of these along along with the included plunger for when you have to filter… chunky… water sources. I don’t use the bags that come with the filter, I’ve had them start leaking on me within a week in the backcountry. Instead, I use Smartwater bottles for transporting water, which the Sawyer Squeeze threads on top of. That way, I have one perma-dirty water bottle with the filter threaded on top and one clean water bottle to filter water into.

3.7 ounces (with plunger).

Here’s where you can buy this awesome little filter:

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

Water Storage

Smartwater 1 Liter Water Bottles

Lightweight, tough, disposable, and fairly easy to find. Sawyer filters thread on top of these leak-tight. They can take many, many filtering sessions, but they have a tendency to crack when dropped. I use some nylon string tied around the top with a small carabiner to attach to my pack.

1.6 ounces (with carabiner).

Here’s where you can buy these water bottles:

Smartwater, 1 Liter Bottle